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A Place Like This


This is a such a unique film with some of the most extraordinary stories as told by homeless people as to how they got where they are. It’s all presented from the POV of Roy, a homeless shelter resident and his new friends. Once the dramatic story structure of how to intercut each amazing tale was settled on, the producer and I took to the streets with a DSLR to capture supporting overlay footage that could be used to add some interesting visuals. As this was a story told by Roy, it was important to have his unique voice ring true, so helping him create that, along with the producer was really satisfying. It was amazing to see the response from the subjects at the premiere screening and how relieved they all were to have their stories told.

“Simon is extremely intuitive and moves with speed in the collaborative space of filmmaking. As well as a grounded flow and rhythm developed within his edits, his construction as a storyteller manifests with originality and significance, piecing the emotion of a story with clarity and sophistication. Despite running with conviction, Simon is not precious and generates a space of play, whereby the edit siphons beds of ideas to equate films that are mature and explored. He is a brilliant collaborator and a true craftsman in the edit suite.”

BLAKE PAUL KENDALL Executive Producer

Witness My Journey

Apache Films

The producer/director Steve had a lot of energy for this project and I really enjoyed helping him amp it up to the next level. He had a great story already cut and needed it extended to feature length. First I cut a trailer which showed Steve how I planned to approach the new version, then we went deeper into the subject’s back-story to magnify her startling transformation from a meek Jehovah’s Witness to a hugely energetic dance party promoter. We re-structured the story for maximum dramatic impact while I dialled up the energy of the edit to make full effect of the new party scenes while gradually building the emotional tension of the family distress caused by their religion. I was able to suggest scenes and pickups that Steve would then come back with that built and enhanced the story even further. Now with Trish’s transformation complete, let the party go on!

“What we liked about Simon was his calm methodical approach, over coming any situation we threw at him.  Our brief was for an editor who had experience in fast paced edgy music/advertising productions teemed with the ability to thread a sensitive documentary storyline; Simon fitted the brief.”

STEVE ROGERS Producer/Director

Motorcycle Karma

Nat Geo Adventure, Pine St Films

When long-time filmmaking collaborator and Steadicam expert AJ came to me with over 100 hours of footage from an epic motorcycle adventure across India, the first thing I did was cut a five minute sales trailer. This allowed the producers to see the potential story and garner Nat Geo’s interest. We were able to crunch the adventures down into the best parts and structure it with such drama that it rips along with a pace as non-stop as India itself. This was a really special film to edit and after being so close to it for so long, I feel like I have been to India and back.

“Simon is wonderful to work with. He always maintains a very positive attitude in the edit suite no matter how late we work or how tired we all get. He provides good solid creative input, and has a thorough understanding of all the technical requirements necessary for working in this industry. I would highly recommend him.”


Editing Your Story

I specialise in telling dramatic, memorable stories that make an emotional connection with your audience. As an experienced editor of long-form documentaries, I am the filmmakers’ story collaborator. With fresh eyes on a project and expertise in dramatic story structure, I find engaging and often unexpected ways to enhance your story.

I worked closely with the producer/directors in this way on the films below in finding each of their unique stories while maintaining the director’s unique voice and style. Here is some insight into my editing approach on three of my favourite projects.  

– Simon Adams, editor

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